How Divorce Affects Children

Unfortunately, many couples don’t consider how much of an impact getting divorced would have on their children. Marriage counseling experts agree that staying together just for the sake of children isn’t the best option. However, learning how to keep the family intact when possible is the key. For parents who chose to divorce, it’s important that they know how their decision affects their children.

Studies have shown that younger children are more affected when parents divorce. This is mostly because children, especially younger than eight years old, have a very hard time understanding the concept of divorce. They often have no idea why their parents are no longer together, and can’t grasp the idea of living without one of their parents anymore. Sadly, all this affects their behavior and makes them more vulnerable to the changes that usually accompany a divorce.

Don’t think that teenagers don’t get affected too. Just because the impact a divorce has on a teenager is different than on a child, it doesn’t mean it’s less important. As a matter of fact, the immediate reactions a teenager has at the news their parents are getting into a divorce are often fueled by frustration and anger. This often leads to an aggressive behavior, or a major change regarding relationships and the concept of marriage itself.

Most young children blame themselves for a divorce, while teenagers usually blame one of their parents. Additionally, teenagers will want to know what the reason for divorce is. Once they find out, the problem that initially caused the breakage of the marriage becomes their problem as well. Teenagers get more involved in the divorce process than children.

Children with divorced parents have a very hard time establishing serious and long-lasting relationships. They often associate their relationship with that of their parents’, and they often enter in a new relationship with the feeling of doubt.

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