Dr. James D. Sterling Endows Program for Fathers of Chapin School Students.

Dr. James D. Sterling is an active member of the New York psychotherapy community. In recent years, Dr. James D. Sterling endowed a program for the fathers of the girls at the renowned Chapin School in New York City. As Dr. James D. Sterling explains, the program has invited notable psychiatrists and psychologists to present a discussion on salient issues regarding father-daughter relationships.

Professional counselorThe Chapin School was founded in 1901 with a mission to properly prepare young girls for leadership and success, according to Dr. James D. Sterling. Among the school’s extremely successful alumni are Sigourney Weaver, Stockard Channing, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and Vera Wang. Dr. James D. Sterling says that the school encourages fathers to participate in their daughter’s development by hosting a variety of father-daughter events.

The series, reports Dr. James D. Sterling, brought in psychiatrists from the area to discuss a variety of issues. According to Dr. James D. Sterling, Chapin School doesn’t limit its education to the basic subjects. Through a Life Skills class, Dr. James D. Sterling states, Chapin School teaches students to recognize and cope with such issues as stress, depression, developing healthy eating habits, and communication and relationships.

While the students are regularly educated on a variety of issues facing young girls today, Dr. James D. Sterling believes that it is important to help fathers understand what their daughters are experiencing. Through these lectures, Dr. James D. Sterling’s colleagues are able to help fathers understand from a psychological perspective how best to communicate and cope with their daughters’ changing lives.

Family dynamics are important to the faculty of Chapin School and as a family psychologist, Dr. James D. Sterling firmly believes in the importance of maintaining this dynamic during a time when children begin to assert their independence. A father can be a force of stability in an adolescent girl’s life, says Dr. James D. Sterling, and through proper communication and empathy, a father can maintain a strong relationship with his daughter as she moves into adulthood.

Dr. James D. Sterling is the founder of the New York Center for Psychotherapy, where he works with families, couples, and individuals to cope with parenthood in the healthiest way possible. While acknowledging that parenthood can be a challenge, Dr. James D. Sterling believes that the family dynamic is integral to a child’s success. Through supporting programs like the parental lecture series at Chapin School, Dr. James D. Sterling is able to support the local community’s outreach to improve family relationships throughout New York.

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