How Marriage Counseling Sessions Work

Seeing a couple counselor is never something that people get exited about, but most of the times that’s what you should do in order to resolve issues in your relationship that you can’t cope with on your own. Even though counseling can be frightening for most people, knowing what to expect from your appointment can make things easier.

As you probably expect, the counselor will begin the session by asking why you are there and what you are going through. Think about your answers of those questions before you even get to the appointment so that you can reply to them in a nutshell. Sadly, the facts show that most couples are unhappy together for more than six years before they even think about seeing a family counselor, so it can be hard to give a short answer. Overall, your first session will mostly consist of very basic questions about you as individuals and as a couple.

As you know, dealing with problems is not fun at all, and it’s even less fun when your significant other is involved. That’s why you shouldn’t be expecting instant results from the first couple of sessions. Also, keep in mind that during those sessions some unexpected things may come out about your partner or even you. That means that therapy can hold as many positives as negatives, but that’s the part of the process that you need to go through. Remember that couple counseling focuses on changing the view of the relationship, improving the communication between the partners, and correcting dysfunctional behavior, so you should really be honest and find a way to express how you feel. So, you need to prepare for some very awkward conversations, because you won’t be able to avoid them.

If you feel that you and your partner have some unresolved issues but you want to find a way to fix your relationship, you might want to consider seeing a couple counselor. And in case you reside in New York, NY and you are looking for professional help, you should give us a call at (212) 348-3925, ask us your questions and set an appointment.