Marriage counseling

As a relationship and marriage counseling New York NY experts with many years of experience with couples and singles, We’d like to help you get your life on course to success. Our intention is to provide clients with the knowledge and strategies to manage with their problems. Coping can involve removing problems entirely, minimizing their impact, or solely learning how to prevent things from getting out of hand. We from New York Center For Psychotherapy will help you identify underlying family conditions, and we will supply you with input and back up in selecting your own treatment goals and the best way to reach them.

Whether from your own mistakes or unexpected events, it can happen to anyone. Marriages that start off with hopes and smiles can end up drifting apart or shipwrecked on rocks. Careers and financial plans can also get off course.

Marriage Counseling New YorkIn a marriage, the number one ingredient that keeps a couple together is success in resolving conflicts. Love goes far, but it is difficult to keep good feelings alive in the midst of strife. Eventually, something has to give, and too often it is the commitment. A couple, like an individual, typically has an instinct to try to solve one’s own problems. However, a couple – again like an individual – has blind spots that can be overcome. It is sometimes difficult to go beyond the immediate situation or issue without an objective party to help neutralize the high emotions enough to get to a place of understanding and negotiation. This is where New York Center for Psychotherapy’s couples therapy can help, and move you along further in less time.

New York Center for Psychotherapy is a company of experienced therapists (licensed clinical psychologists and social workers) in New York who provide marriage counseling. We strive to match you with the right therapist for you.

We can also offer you family counselor services.

Don’t let problems from your past or present continue to interfere with reaching the goals for your life and love. If your life or marriage is heading for the rocks, give us a call before it is too late. Call (212) 348-3925 today!

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