What to Do in Order to Save Your Rocky Marriage?

Research found that two thirds of US marriages and relationships never sought therapy before calling it a day. This study is quite sad because it suggests that many couples would simply rather, divorce or split up, than try signing up for marital counseling. To tell the truth, for many couples, the thought of going to a relationship counselor is daunting, not just because they will be discussing their most private emotions and thoughts but because it would feel like admitting failure.

Many people think being in love shouldn’t take work. However, speak to any happily married couples, ask them what the secret to their marital bliss is, and they will tell you it takes plenty of work and commitment. Relationship therapy can be very useful in this process, especially if you and your partner seem to have the same argument over and over again or experience the same issues. Our team advises you to seek out marital counseling before things become past the point of no return, before the only thing holding you both together is a shared last name and mutual belongings.

Find out which kind of therapy you will need. For example, do not become enraged should your partner forget to pick up the dry cleaning again; you will learn how to accept and understand that he is forgetful. Perhaps making a list or even calling him to remind him would be one way to sort out this issue before it even happens. You could also learn how to like this part of his personality; for example you can see his forgetfulness as part of his charm. Should you both bicker due to the fact your partner isn’t romantic enough, you could learn how to make romance for both of you. Giving your partner the acceptance and love you desire will go a long way to helping him to return the favor.

Even if you decide that marital counseling therapy isn’t right for you at this moment, make sure to check in with your partner every now and then. Spend some time together, and talk about what you love about your relationship and what you would like to see change. If you find something that you both want to improve, turn to New York Center for Psychotherapy of New York, NY, and hire a marriage counselor for just a few sessions. Remember, all the great romances took work, and happily ever after will not happen overnight! Call (212) 348-3925, and get your relationship transformation started!