People and solving their problems are our highest priority.

We always give our best when we counsel families or couples.

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Thank you for all the advises that you've gave me! Now I'm ready to be happy!

You are very professional! I can't explain how much you've helped me. The stress was reduced , now I have a wonderful relationship and hope soon to be married!

I would recommend New York Center for Psychotherapy to anyone who is looking for a counselor who is easy to talk to, calming and empowering at the same time.

I have to say that New York Center for Psychotherapy was so helpful when I needed help with my girlfriend. In the last few weeks I just couldn`t communicate with her and everything was going to end with a break up, but thanks to New York Center for Psychotherapy, we are over it now. The Best couple consultant. Everything is back to normal. Thank you again.

My boyfriend and I used to argue a lot after six months in our relationship. We were both finding faults, and we bickered and argued like crazy! A close friend asked us to meet New York Center for Psychotherapy, and boy, am I glad we did! We understand each other so much more, and now 26 months later, we are still going strong! Thank you New York Center for Psychotherapy for your wonderful couples therapy sessions.

After eight years of constant fighting with my wife, I was seriously considering filing for divorce. A friend suggested me to try marriage counseling. We`ve been in couples counseling for a year now . I never appreciated my wife as much as I do now!

We are working on our marriage, things are getting better! Thank you the support!

We are very lucky that we loved the first counselor that we went to. We`ve been going since Dec 2011 and will continue probably for many years. We are also doing individual sessions to help confront and deal with our own issues.

We Just wanted to thank you for helping us grow back together. We have come a long way this pass month with your help.

I just wanted to thank you for all that you`ve helped me with and through so far, as well as my husband. This has been very hard for me and it has helped to have a counselor to help make things clearer.

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